If you wish to travel to Australia temporarily or permanently you need to obtain a visa. You are required to meet specific criteria prescribed by the Australian Migration Law and Regulations; the process for some visas can be simple, for others long and complex and in some cases impossible.

The Australian Migration Law changes constantly and this can affect your eligibility.

Migration Agents in Australia are registered by MARA and they must comply with the Code of Conduct.

We assist you with:

  • Advice on visa application/s, requirements and procedures
  • Assess your circumstances and the appropriate visa that will be suitable for you and your family
  • Prepare and lodge the application/s with the relevant Australian bodies
  • Liaise with the relevant organizations and the Department of Immigration on your behalf
  • Keep you updated on the progress of your application
  • Lodge applications with the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal
  • Any other matter related to immigration

Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession (376KB PDF file)